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Our manuals are designed to get the longest possible life out of each building component and meet your state’s “right to repair” laws too. Learn more about all of the services we provide.

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Our Maintenance Manuals help Homeowners and the Board of Directors understand the difference between “maintenance” and “warranty”. “Maintenance” is the responsibility of the Homeowner or the Association, versus “Warranty” which is the responsibility of the Builder. Our Maintenance Manuals clearly identify maintenance responsibilities, helping to avoid confusion.

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The maintenance checklists verify that all required inspections are being performed. They verify that the quality and quantity of work performed meets or exceeds maintenance and warranty specifications and that all local regulatory requirements are being met.
Our Maintenance Manuals help you maintain your properties by including and keeping track of vital maintenance information. We provide detailed inspection, maintenance information and checklists for simplified scheduling and tracking.

If you are building in California, our Manuals help you satisfy all of the requirements of SB 800 (Right-to-Repair Bill) and CALGreen (newest Title 24 energy code). If you are building outside of California, we customize the Manuals to meet your State-mandated Right-to-Repair criteria. “Generic” Manuals do not satisfy the requirements of right-to-repair laws. All of our Manuals are 100% customized to each Community.

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Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals are included on a USB Flash Drive or Compact Disc. We also provide industry-standard inspection and maintenance information in the absence of specific manufacturer or installation contractor requirements.

Manuals Written by Maintenance Professionals!

ProTec is the largest provider of HOA and Homeowner Manuals in the US.  ProTec’s principal invented the HOA Manual in 1991 and we have written over 2,000 manuals since then.  Manuals are mandated by CALGreen and are crucial for your defense under SB 800.  Many of the nation’s best-known builders use ProTec because of our incomparable quality: The Olsen Company, D.R. Horton, Lennar, Standard Pacific (now CalAtlantic), Pulte, Shea, Toll Brothers, TriPointe, Richmond American, KB, The Irvine Company and The New Home Company. HOA Manuals are the only way you can have any expectation that the great community you built this year will remain in excellent condition for years to come.

On-line Implementation

dwellingLIVE Home takes the ink and paper out of implementing your HOA Maintenance Manuals, making them interactive, and now offers them in an online format!

We do all the work in preparing to turn the proper documents over to your HOA. With our Online Maintenance Manuals you’ll have access to dwellingLIVE Home’s community website and so much more!

  • Access your maintenance and common area information from your smart phone
  • Mitigate risk and liabilities with consolidated product and automated resources
  • Never lose your common area project information again
  • Ensure compliance with localized laws
  • Maintenance auto-notifications to property managers, vendors and board members.
  • Task Reminders and scheduling

Take advantage of this amazing feature that consolidates all your maintenance and warranty information onto one, single digital platform.

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  • "Working with ProTec has taken so much pressure off of us when it comes to creating our homeowner manuals." - All Points Home Builders